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Adventure Activities

Our action-packed packages are uniquely designed to keep our guests happy, active, and engaged. As pet care professionals we know a change in your dog’s routine can be difficult for them, so we have created a low-stress, high-fun environment. You, the pet parent, know what works best for your dog. One of our trained reservation specialists will work with you to choose the perfect program for your dog.

Optional Activities

Build your pet's adventure by choosing from our activities or selecting one of our packages.

Photo Pupdates

Photo updates with a short report on how your dog is doing.

Personal Playtimes

Personalized playtime with a lodge counselor.

Day Camp

Your dog can join our pack for a half or full day of fun running and playing with their friends.

Evening Walk

Is your dog used to a walk in the evening? We are on it! A walk before being tucked in for the night.

Fireside Story

Perfect end to the day. A resort counselor cuddles with your pup while reading a story.

Splash Time at the Cascade Pool

Swim and play in our Cascade Pool.

Belly Rub & Tuck In

Your dog gets extra love and attention right before bedtime.

Fresh Made Lodge Treats

  • Starpup Cup – Creamy delight in a cup
  • Kong – Filled with Peanut Butter
  • Fresh made Gourmet treat- Seasonal treats made fresh at the lodge


Whether your pup is a high energy adventurous soul, who loves to get out to try new things and play with their friends, or they prefer human interaction, long strolls and cuddle time, we have the package for them!


Lake Tahoe Escape - $35

The ultimate adventure

  • Half day of Day camp or 3 custom play sessions
  • Swim in the 4 Paws Cascade Pool or an Enrichment activity
  • Starpup Cup or gourmet treat
  • Fireside Story with a belly rub and tuck in

Cascades Retreat - $29

All your pups’ favorite things

  • 2 hours at Daycare Camp or 2 custom play sessions
  • Swim in the 4 Paws Cascade Pool or an Enrichment activity
  • Starpup Cup or gourmet treat
  • Belly rub and tuck in

Glacier National Bark - $19

Fun & relaxation

  • 1 hour at Day Camp or 1 custom play session
  • Starpup Cup or gourmet treat
  • Evening walk
  • Belly rub and tuck in

Yellowstone Stroll - $25

For the less adventurous or older pup

  • 2 adventure walks
  • Assisted individual swim in the 4 Paws Cascade Pool or massage
  • Belly rub and tuck in
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